Trashing The Planet One Human Body At A Time

Trashing The Planet One Human Body At A Time

After watching the movie, which has so much to say about the impact of meat and dairy production on the health of our ecosystem, I was struck again by how the same “food” that trashes our health also trashes the planet. It wakes some folks up to hear that fully 51% of all greenhouse gasses are contributed by meat and dairy production. This dwarfs the 13% caused by the WHOLE transportation sector–including all cars, planes, ships, etc!! Some people are not so quick to catch on—or maybe they just don’t care enough to make a change for the sake of the ecosystem.

What may wake them up is the recent mainstream media recognition that meat, particularly red, smoked, fried, and cured–causes cancers of all kinds and the #1 killer in this country–heart disease. Less well publicized is the fact that by partially ┬áblocking arteries to the brain, it also causes dementia, Alzheimer’s and stroke. Chicken is no better, it contains similar loads of hetrocyclic amines and polycentric aromatic hydrocarbons, as well as other potent carcinogens. Once people realize that giving up eating another animal’s dead body will make them healthier and virtually immune to the most dangerous diseases we face, we may have a chance at saving a habitable ecosystem. They may be motivated by what’s in it for them!

We can only hope so! Another environmental scourge that takes a toll on our health is bottled water. Most is just filtered city water. Problem is it is delivered in very cheap plastic bottles which leach unbelievable amounts of toxins int the water. Check out the movie TAPPED for more on this. So much of this plastic finds it’s way into the oceans, where it causes untold damage, and comes back to you in the form of toxins in the fish we foolishly eat. Plastic never breaks down—it just forms smaller and smaller particles. Much of the ocean water tested nowadays has more plastic particles than plankton–the base of the marine food chain.

If someone told you 20 years ago you’d be paying upwards of $4 a bottle for water, you’d have thought they were crazy. Who’s crazy now?

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