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Compassion is Only the Beginning

Since spending some time on Facebook (until recently I didn’t do social media), I’ve realized that there are many people now who feel their heart’s call for a more aware and awake approach to eating and living. When I went vegan over 40 years ago,... read more

All Meat is Created Equal

The World Health Organization (WHO), a group not known for it’s progressive views, has finally come out and said that red and processed meats cause cancer.  What they and others who have recognized this truth are missing is the fact that chicken contributes just... read more

Fish–Food For Fools

Fish oil has many health benefits, nothing like the very unhealthy fat in meat and dairy. You can readily see how fish oil has no artery clogging cholesterol and other fats so well represented in other animal “foods”. Handle fish and then rinse your hands... read more

Don’t Fall For The Quick Fix

As human beings, we reach for substances we think will give us some measure of happiness, like that chocolate doughnut or that fizzy glass of soda. Instead, these substances erode our quality of life. There is no reason for the body to decline, unless we are trying to... read more

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