Red Meat Is Not The Only Problem

Red Meat Is Not The Only Problem

Now that the World Health Organization has opened the floodgates, more mainstream publications are following suit—alerting us to the dangers of meat consumption. Most focus on the cancer causing properties in meat. Most only implicate red meat and processed, cured and smoked meat. I’ve even seen sausage referred to as the new cancer sticks!

There are many other reasons to stop all meat consumption—no I’m not talking about the huge environmental cost or the horrible cruelty and resultant loss of compassion that comes with eating death. (every time you eat something dead, you loose a bit more of your capacity to care) I’m referring to the huge amounts of growth hone, pesticides and antibiotics present in all meat. In this regard, chicken is better than beef, because it’s killed at a few weeks of age instead of months. The animal has had less time to accumulate toxins,

This is the ONLY advantage chicken has over red meat. it has an equal amount of hetrocyclic amines–the main carcinogen in meat. When cooked at high temps, it will also have a comparable dose of ¬†poycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Chicken–though it has a lower fat content than red meat also raises LDL cholesterol just as much.

So many people profess now to having quit red meat, thereby believing they are doing something positive for their health. Science tells a very different story. You may miss out on a few toxins from switching from red to white meat, but you’re still doing damage to your body if you maintain the habit of eating dead flesh. I invite you to experience how your health can improve when you completely stop eating gore!!

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