Meat Causes Cancer—It’s Official!

Meat Causes Cancer—It’s Official!

In October 2015 the World Health Organization declares that all meat causes cancer. Chicken contains just as many hetrocyclic amines, a proven carcinogen, as red meat. Red meat does contain more n-nitroso compounds, due to it’s higher heme iron content. Grilled, fried, cured and smoked meats of all kinds also contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Time magazine’s November ( 2015 issue’s cover story was entitled ” The War On Delicious”. It somewhat begrudgingly reported these facts. it clung to the notion that we are somehow genetically predisposed to like meat’s taste, and that meat eating is central to the heart of what it is to be American.

Change in the consciousness of America is changing. Indeed, change is here. When mainstream media and health authorities report that meat eating is absolutely proven to cause cancer—change has arrived at last! The environment, our enslaved and abused fellow creatures and our health and longevity will all benefit greatly from this new admission of the obvious: dead flesh can cause nothing but suffering in all it’s many forms.

Time to wake up and smell something alive instead of dead! Give yourself the gift of life. We’ve been destroying the ecosystem by the same means we use to destroy our health—-or not!

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