Living Well Can Defeat the Effects of Stress

In this era of high-speed living, it’s easy to lose sight of the causes of our stress. It may not be only the hectic lives we live, it can also be the foods you eat and drugs you take.
Infinite bliss is your soul’s native state. Your body strives to reach and maintain this state over the course of this incarnation. Remove the substances that stand in your way, and you will access happiness such as you have never imagined. In particular, food and drugs, or food as a drug will never give you anything but a temporary sense of gratification that is extremely short-lived.
You can have more of everything as you get older; more energy, more enthusiasm, better sex, more insight, and because you will be more focused on everything you do — more success and better health. You will be more productive at work and at play. Due to this increased productivity, you may be able to retire earlier. You will certainly be able to enjoy your retirement, as few are able to do.
All of this health and productivity will be the result if you take the time and make the effort to monitor closely what you put in the temple you call your body.

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