The Neverending Buzz - Introduction

Reverse the Aging Process and Keep Getting Better


The Neverending Buzz: 

Reverse the Aging Process and Keep Getting Better

By Tim Farrow


Infinite bliss is your soul’s native state. Your body strives to reach and maintain this state over the course of this incarnation. Remove the substances that stand in your way, and you will access happiness such as you have never imagined. In particular, food and drugs, or food as a drug will never give you anything but a temporary sense of gratification that is extremely short-lived.

You can have more of everything as you get older; more energy, more enthusiasm, better sex, more insight, and because you will be more focused on everything you do – more success. You will be more productive at work and at play. Due to this increased productivity, you may be able to retire earlier. You will certainly be able to enjoy your retirement, as few are able to do. For many people, retirement is a state of constant decline. Some retirees can’t live full lives simply because there is not enough life left in their body due to years of abuse.

We reach for substances we think will give us some measure of happiness. Instead, these substances erode our quality of life. There is no reason for the body to decline, unless we are trying to find our pleasure in places where it can’t be found. We are trying in vain to fill some void. However, you can have real joy that never ends.

You have no idea what your body is capable of achieving. Let me show you what you are missing. If you can summon the will to make a few lifestyle changes, you will be able to access states of happiness you cannot imagine. You can watch as your body transforms before your eyes. You can have fun and joy that few will ever know. As you experience this fun and joy, you bring it into the mass consciousness. As you get more joy out of life, you impart joy to every being on the planet.

We can create whatever we want in this life. The possibilities are endless. We have limited our abilities by reaching for substances that erode our quality of life. As the years go by, these substances take their toll. The toll seems to get steeper as we age. The cost of indulging in these substances becomes greater and greater as we get older. Senescence is the scientific term for physical decline. We experience senescence more and more as the years go by. The body seems to wear out. It is not actually wearing out, but entering into a state of increased dysfunction and pollution.

As we stop this pollution, and start to clean up the mess left behind by substances we thought gave us pleasure, we can reverse the aging process. We can reclaim our youth. Since many of us were not very healthy in our youth, we can experience youth for the first time. These are very bold claims. You may not be inclined to believe me. Good.

Give yourself a chance to experience something you have never imagined. It is much easier than you might think to make changes that give you the happiness you want. We can deconstruct our addictive constructs. We can find freedom. Where do we find freedom? Within, you have it already. You came into this life a free autonomous entity. We accumulated addictions as we went through this life and previous lives. Though these addictions may have been with us for many incarnations, we can drop them in an instant. On the other hand, it may take longer… your choice. When we stop feeding addictions, they cease to live.

Another perk of this lifestyle change – a calm, peaceful feeling unimaginable by anyone who eats a conventional diet. There is much more to gain by cleaning the junk out of your diet than virtually limitless energy, clearer more beautiful skin, and freedom from disease and symptoms of aging.

I’m hoping that somewhere midway through this book, you will become inspired to cleanse from your cabinets and refrigerator all of the junk food that was aging you prematurely and causing you daily consternation. Please throw these foods away rather than giving them to someone, unless you hate them.

I recently had a client who told me I should be proud of her because rather than eating the Christmas cookies she received, she gave them to her neighbor for his children. I asked “oh, did you send them some cigarettes as well?” We see some substances, like soft drinks, high fructose corn syrup, tobacco, etc. as enemies to health. While we demonize these enemies, we may see something like cookies as much more benign. You will soon find out the truth, not by reading this book, but through experiencing the difference ridding yourself of these underappreciated enemies can make to the way you feel and perform. Your adventure awaits.

On the subject of giving junk to children, I know a woman who has been vegetarian for many years but who cooks meat for her son. She doesn’t want to make it “off-limits” to him, thereby making him want it even more. She states that he’s a “meat and potatoes man”. Forbidding children to eat junk food will never work, of course, but that doesn’t mean we have to prepare it for them. This is a dilemma every parent who cleans up his or her diet has to wrestle with.

My solution, though I’m not a parent, is to just do what you are doing and influence them by your example. This solution also works when your spouse is not as motivated as you are to make changes. Just do what you are doing and influence them by your example. Never criticize their choices (Good luck with that!). We always want to share the wonderful changes we are experiencing by cleaning our diets and our bodies up. We will help to motivate them much more by carrying on in our own age reversal efforts, and let them witness our positive changes.

The woman I referenced would love her son to eat more healthily. I suggested a bit of positive reinforcement. Her son is a skateboarder. I told her about one of the greatest skateboarders of all time, Bob Burnquist. He is a vegetarian, who at an age when most professional skateboarders would have retired is routinely beating people in competition half his age. Kelly Slater, who at 42 is still on top of his game as the world’s most dominant competition surfer. Telling kids about the short-term benefits of a healthy lifestyle, then watching as they start to adopt one, is very gratifying. As with pushing yourself to higher and higher levels, be gentle. Make it fun. What could be more fun than having energy to go on when everyone else has slowed down?

Don’t let life pass you by. You can get better with each passing day. You can reverse the damage you have done inadvertently. You can experience peace and tranquility such as you have never imagined. Your skin will become beautiful, soft, and radiant. Your spiritual centers will open up, revealing untapped potential in every area of your life. You can be sexier than you’ve ever been- even in your youth. You can be more productive at work, and able to retire earlier and in awesome health. Getting rid of the irritants in your diet will dramatically enhance your creativity. Maybe, most importantly, you will become a vector for positive change in this world.

Give cleaning up your diet a good honest try. If you fail, start again. As Yoda said in Star Wars “Do. Or, do not; there is no try” You have nothing to lose but years of accumulated sludge and toxins, as well as your anger.

If we stop eating purely for entertainment, we can have a Buzz that lasts. We can get high and stay high. We can experience life’s ups, without the effects of its downs. Rather than eating for temporary sense gratification and boredom relief, we can eat to experience the real bliss. We can attain a state of health unimaginable to most people. Even now, hearing about this, you cannot imagine this state. You have no point of reference. A state of health unsullied by toxic irritants is something you have never experienced—even as a child.

I cannot give you the experience by describing it. It is indescribable anyway. I do invite you to imagine it. Imagine waking up in the morning not groggy and wanting to go back to sleep, but ready to jump up and seize the day. Imagine not having life’s little ups and downs have their way with you. Imagine a peace and tranquility at your deepest level that is unaffected by the events of the day. Imagine being able to impart that to everyone you meet through osmosis. Imagine being part of the world solution just by doing what you’re doing.

If you can summon the will, if you can love yourself enough to give yourself the gift- right now in the present, the rewards will be beyond your wildest dreams. Endeavoring to imagine a state of perfect health will help you to visualize it and call it in. When you love yourself enough, you cease to limit yourself. This state is who you are; all your aches and pains, your anger, your frustrations, and your limitations have been grafted on to you. You can shake them off anytime you want. Now in this moment, see yourself, as you are – unlimited and absolutely free.

Addiction can have no hold on you unless you choose it. Now is the time to break free. Now is the time to open yourself to limitless possibilities. Limitation is self-inflicted. Declare peace. Relax into super health. Everyone who is successful has an edge. Let this be your edge.

You have the power to make this life anything you want it to be. As you make changes in your life, you empower others by your example. Even those you will never meet will find influence by the changes you make. There is no reason to let our bodies and our planet go into decline because of our addiction. Right now is the time. The present moment is all we will ever have. Youth reclaiming, age reversal, or anything else we choose to call it, is not a future event. It happens right now in the gift of the present.

This book is all about experience. Mine, because I’m sharing with you my experience; and yours because you are about to find out how feeling better than you’ve ever felt in your life feels. All you have to do is suspend disbelief. No need to believe anything I say. I’m interested in your having the experience. When you have that, you don’t need belief. When you have belief, you usually don’t get the experience.

In order to age in reverse, you must stop completely all meat, dairy, and wheat. Since eggs are the largest dietary source of cholesterol, they must go too. Soy is not a big part of most people’s diets, but I hope to show you how this too qualifies as junk. Fish these days, is so full of toxins that it goes on this list as well. When I refer to junk, crap or other terms of endearment, I am referring to these “foods”. A little will be sufficient to keep you on the fast track to old age.

You see, the bad stuff is so much worse than you think. As you clear all this crap from your diet, you will experience a state of health and joy that you have never dreamed. All I ask is that you try it and see for yourself. Age reversal is all about cleaning out the toxins from your diet and your body and replacing the substances that were aging you with substances that will help you feel energized.

I hope to sufficiently inspire you to make these changes. You can feel better in your 50s and 60s than you did in your 20s.

We are often stuck in the thought that we need these substances to be happy. This is not by accident. You have been conditioned to equate happiness and pleasure with these non- foods that are speeding you to decline. It doesn’t have to be like that. If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten, which is rapid aging, if you’re like most everyone else. If you eat what they eat, you will age as they do. Most people are done by the time they are 60; 40 seems to be the cut- off age. You start to notice a drop in vitality by 30, but by 40, you’re really feeling it. For one thing, you lose muscle mass. This loss of muscle mass is called sarcopenia and it’s a big deal. The average person loses a pound of muscle a year, after age 25. There have been studies that show this is not the case if you strength train. People in their 80s and 90s build muscle if they do some weight training.

I will now share my experience with you. At age 18, I stopped eating meat – just to mess with my mother. Actually, I heard the word “vegetarian” and resonated with the concept of being a non-killer, and as an athlete, I was always looking for an “edge”. The next year I backpacked the length of California, on the Pacific Crest Trail. I happened to stop into a health food store at one of my re-supply points, and picked up a book called “Back to Eden,” which talked about how bad dairy is for you. I had noticed an unbelievable difference in my energy level and mental clarity because of quitting the meat. Everyone was telling me that I was going to be anemic and not get enough protein. Blah, blah, blah. I immediately realized that dairy must also go.

The difference I felt at 19, from being meat and dairy free was so dramatic, there are no words to describe it. I had so much more energy and endurance than I did before. I felt amazing. The more active you are, the more you notice the changes in diet. I made it my business, when I returned home, to learn more. I read a book called “Become Younger” which talked about how bad meat and dairy are, and added bread to that list. It wasn’t widely understood back then just how bad wheat actually is. The early books just talked about how gluten was like glue in your body, and that it would be hard to maintain an ideal weight eating bread and flour products. When I quit eating bread, I felt and enjoyed another dramatic difference. I was finding out how a real “buzz” felt.

I then got the word about raw food and how man is the only animal who cooks his food, how cooking destroys all the life force (living enzymes and probiotics) in the food and how cooking destroys B vitamins and vitamin C. This concept seemed logical. Going mostly raw took me to a completely new level; lotsa fun!

At the same time, I became aware of cleansing. At age 20, I started doing enemas and colonics. In 1976, in Atlanta, there was only one guy offering colonics-$12.00 each. After about my eighth one, I got to the black fecal matter that had been in there a while. I continued to feel better and better through the 80s, as my diet got better and my body got cleaner. I was very much enjoying learning more and experiencing the difference from putting this new knowledge into practice.

In 1997, while doing a dangerous sport called motocross, I dislocated my arm. I knew from experience you don’t go outside in Georgia, in August, with a cast on your arm. Once you sweat in a cast, you will itch for the duration. I had broken my collarbone a few years earlier, and put on a bit of fat     while convalescing. To avoid putting on fat, I decided to fast  for the duration of 3 weeks. Not being able to juice, or do much of anything, I fasted on orange-pineapple juice from a carton, with a little barley-grass powder mixed in. When I got the cast off, and started eating my one raw meal a day (by then I found it best to eat late in the day—like suppertime, and just drink juice during the day). I felt so heavy when I ate again after not eating for 3 weeks. I missed the feeling of lightness I had when I ate only liquid food, so I decided to do smoothies for dinner instead. That was better, but pretty soon the bananas had to go because they were too fibrous. My body seemed to be craving liquid only. Then I tried just juice in the evening – that was what my body wanted. This whole process took only a week or so.

There you have it; my secret is out-—no solid food to speak of for 17 years. I don’t ever expect to meet another “liquidarian,” and certainly don’t recommend this to anyone— but it works for me.

I finally had “the big one,” a crash to end my motocross career, in 2004. I now have a titanium rod where my left  femur is supposed to be. I decided to switch my enthusiasm to bicycling. Motocross is a very intense, whole body workout. I needed an upper-body workout to take motocross’s place. I started weight lifting seriously in 2005. I’ve put on a ton of muscle, all on very little protein. Turns out you don’t need much.

Even hard-core body builders are finding out that the body can only absorb about 30 grams of protein at a time. No more are they eating 20 egg whites or a huge steak. It’s become the conventional wisdom to instead eat 6-8 small meals a day…some of those meals being liquid (protein shakes). I think that one day it will become conventional wisdom that this is still too much protein, and that keeping your body digesting all day and into the night robs you of energy and vitality.

I should tell you that I’m in it for the high. Nothing tastes as good as feeling good feels. I am sometimes asked something  like, “how long are you trying to live?” It’s not about that. It’s about the buzz. I sometimes tell my life-coaching clients “I wish I could give you one minute to sit in this body and see how this feels.” There are no words. I have been so blessed to get the experience early in life. I was not letting anyone tell me I was doing anything wrong. I can honestly say I feel and perform better now—at almost 60, than I did in my 20s, and I was a fit little 20 something. I have not had the experience you are about to have—of reversing the aging process, except that I’ve gotten fitter and feel more energized as the years go by.

You are about to have the revelation that you have believed something erroneous, something that was killing you slowly. You will find the bad food is so much worse than you thought. As you clean up your diet more and more, you feel the difference. You begin to understand what that stuff was doing to you. When you feel this amazing high, this lightness, this newfound energy, you will not be tempted to stray from your new way of eating and being.

“All things in moderation” is the quote so often cited to justify eating a little crap. Who said that? Ben Franklin. Was he the picture of health? I don’t think so. He was a wise and insightful man, but he had that all wrong. Are you going to do a little crack? How about a little crystal meth? Smoke a few cigarettes? Here’s a news flash—the bad food is right there  with these substances. A little is so much different from none!  It doesn’t matter what substance you use to erode away your quality of life. If you continue to put junk into the machine, it will continue to run less and less well until it can no longer run at all.

I’d like to clear something up right now. I’m not going to advise you not to smoke, do drugs, or drink soft drinks. I figure if you’re reading a book on age reversal you’re probably passed that. I’m aiming at an audience motivated to do well by their health. People who could never imagine smoking, drinking soft drinks, or doing drugs but unwittingly erode their health daily with substances that are just as bad. Maybe you have tried some changes and have noticed a difference. If not, hang on to your hat. If so, I hope to motivate you to take it to the next level.

On the subject of smoking and drinking, many people around the world, perhaps you know one, smoke and drink to excess, yet seem healthy. Often the poorest people are the longest lived. It turns out that eating less, even if you still eat a bunch of junk, can be much healthier than what we might consider an adequate diet. Calorie Restriction (CR) is getting a lot of press lately because in any animal species it is tested on CR can increase lifespan. Lots of research now on humans is showing that CR can lower virtually all risk factors for disease and degeneration.

Age reversal will prove to be the most fun you ever had. You may find it easy. A big part of that is thinking it’s easy. If you think it will be hard, it will be so. Now my job really begins. It’s not enough to tell you of my experience, to give you the facts, as I know them. Not enough to keep you abreast of some of the latest findings and studies. To motivate you, I have to show you how to implement these changes. Actually, I can’t really motivate you. Motivation comes from within. I hope you are already motivated and that this book will give you the inspiration to have the experience of reversing the aging process. Easy does it.

Remember, a little of the crap will keep you on the fast track to decline. You must get it all out of your diet in order to age in reverse. You must change your relationship to junk food, to see it for the enemy it is. That part only requires an attitude adjustment. The part where you use freewill to stop and then act is where you may encounter some difficulty. This may bring you face to face with the most common impediment to progress—addiction.

We all fight against addiction to one degree or another. What worked for me was to take the adversarial aspect out of the equation. I’m not fighting. War never works to effect lasting change. I embraced my dark side, thanked it, and moved on. I found that the more of the good stuff I put into my body, the less of the bad stuff I wanted. This is a very profound observation, if I do say so myself. It changed everything. If you find yourself craving some junk food, just eat something good and the craving for the junk will vanish. The more good food we eat the less junk food we crave.

The law of attraction states that what you put your focus on is what you get. If you focus on what you are trying to quit,  you will constantly be in battle. If we focus on what we want, we will get what we want! Give yourself the gift of peace, is my advice. Fighting is no fun. Relaxing into a new reality is. I’m all about the fun. When changes are coming fast and easy, it’s fun. We yearn for change that is effortless, or as effortless as possible. Take it easy on yourself. Love yourself enough to  give yourself the gift of peaceful evolution.

Why are we addicted anyway? It’s not your fault. You have been the victim of a relentless attack on your freewill. The media is the worst offender here. Your samskaras, or past life tendencies, may also play a role. Don’t worry, this can all change in an instant, or it may take longer, your choice. Remember, it’s very unnatural to eat dead, decaying flesh. Another animal’s milk, or even that from our own species as an adult, is not your native food. Likewise, synthetic starch, GMO food like corn and soy is also not what our bodies want, which means this kind of food is easy to walk away from. Don’t let your conditioning keep you from finding out what’s possible with these wonderful bodies. Your body will guide you to the next level- and the next. As you clean up your act, its voice will get louder. Listen.

Everywhere we look, we are bombarded with advertising aimed at our need for happiness and fulfillment. The most blatant must surely be “open happiness.” There are so many more. Some I’ve seen recently include “help yourself to happiness”—Golden Corral. “Live mas” (more) Taco Bell. “Unwrap paradise”—Almond Joy. I recently saw a commercial for a ready to bake cookie dough that had the slogan “bake some love”. This list could go on and on; Even if you reject this sort of mental invasion intellectually, it gets in subliminally.

These people are good at what they do. Whatever we do in this life, we choose because we think it will make us happy. If someone holds something up and says, “This will make you happy,” you have to listen. At least your subconscious does. Making you equate junk food with love is pure marketing genius. Again, your subconscious is very susceptible to this sort of programming, especially when you see these messages played repeatedly in many different forms.

Then there’s the perceived peer pressure. This is largely illusionary. I’ve found it really doesn’t detract from social interaction not to eat what someone else is eating. We sometimes feel that it puts some sort of wall up between us when we don’t validate someone else’s choice by doing the same thing they’re doing. Actually, you’re doing them a service no one else may ever do them. Showing them a new way of being. I’ve found when I sit down with someone and do not have what they’re having, it starts a conversation something like “don’t you like this?” I explain that it’s not a matter of taste. I’m doing something different. It is about nourishing my body not about indulging my addictions. The way my body feels makes up for any temporary sense gratification I may be missing. I am eating for a different reason than they are. No one in their whole life has ever showed them this approach.

A social interaction that is centered on food is a perfect time to share your newfound way of eating and consequent zest for life. Bring a dish to share with everyone. Chances are very good they will like what you brought better than what else is being served. Healthy food can taste better than junk food. All it takes is a little creativity and a bit of education. There are many books out there on how to prepare healthy food. Even raw foods can be unbelievably tasty.

When we crave a food, what is it we want? Taste. We think that we may derive a bit of pleasure from the temporary gratification this indulgence may bring. We crave a drug effect. Like drugs, food promises much, but delivers so little. Think about it, if you do a drug or have a drink, you’re feeling the effect for a while, several hours usually. Eat some junk; you get the buzz of taste for a few minutes. Not much bang for the  buck, so little pleasure for so much damage.

I often hear people say something like “I’d like to have a better diet, but I just love cheesecake.” For me it was ice cream. We all have something we love but would love to quit. Why do we love it? Because we say we love it. We create the reality for ourselves by using a powerful word like “love” in connection with something we are trying to quit. In other words, you love it because you have decided to love it. It’s no good pushing what you don’t want away, because that focuses your mental energy on that which you don’t want. All you have to do is stop saying you love it. We are such powerful creators. Time to start creating what you want.

You can have a buzz that lasts. Feeling good physically is the best high there is. Trust me; I’ve done many different ones. If you could feel what this is about, you would kill for this buzz. No killing will be required though. You don’t even have to kill your addiction; just stop feeding it. Yes, sometimes you may be weak and give in to your old habits. No worries, just start again. The longer you go between binges, the more you will feel the adverse effect when you do cave. Then you will be stronger the next time, remembering what it felt like when you ate that do-do. You will start to see more and more clearly, what this stuff is. It is not pleasure but pain. It is slow death and fast decline.

Remember, the vast majority eats this crap on a daily basis. They are also getting old fast. If you want something different, you will have to do something different. The difference is so dramatic that you will not be tempted to eat junk when you feel the new buzz. Nothing tastes as good as feeling good feels. Why would you trade the most wonderful feeling you ever felt for some crap food?

Willpower is only needed to make the initial change. Once you turn the corner, you will not be tempted. It’s like driving a car. You’re going down the road in a straight line—very little effort needed. When a turn comes up, it’s another matter. Now you must brake and make some calculations. You must turn the wheel and make the change in direction. Once you start down the next straight, you can relax and enjoy the ride. That’s what you will find when you change your diet. It may be hard at first, but stay with it. It gets easier and easier. Now you’re cruising to the Promised Land. Who promises it? I do. I’m there. Nothing is stopping you but you.

You will find age reversal applies to all facets of your life.

You will heal from injury so much faster than before. Remember when you were young how you used to bounce back from injury? You will also not sustain injury as easily as you did when you weakened your body by eating all that crap. Also, you will feel like moving. When you ate junk, you felt weak and tired. Now you feel like you gotta do something. This energy is not a giddy, “can’t sit still” kind of thing. It’s just there, on tap. Actually, you will feel calmer than you’ve ever felt in your life.

Let’s say you had some accident and had an injury to your neck. If those muscles are strong, you will be able to shrug it off and maybe be a little sore for a day or two. If you have less muscle in your neck, you may well break something. Speaking of necks, that is one of the first places people show their age. How many folks do you know with a “wattle,” or sagging neckline? The jowls sag and fill with fat. Not a pretty picture, especially when you remember what they used to look like. Look at aging TV or music stars. How fast some of them age, and how others seem to do much better.

This is not genetic. It’s lifestyle. Genetics doesn’t take you very far if you continue to wage war on your body by filling it full of toxins. On the other hand, someone very close to me has defied his genetics—my dad. Both of his parents died of heart disease, his father died at 46. His brother is long gone. He, at 84 is still kickin’ it. He does some exercise every day. He’s almost vegetarian. I’m hoping this book will inspire him to completely give up the soy, wheat, and dairy.

My writing guru, Tom Bird,, had his biological age determined by his doctor. By the way, if you have aspirations of writing a book and lack the motivation or the confidence to do so, this guy can help you. The doctor determined his biological age to be 26. He is 57, but by virtue of 22 years being vegetarian, 13 being vegan, and his generally healthy lifestyle, which includes yoga and light exercise every day, his doctor says he has the body of a 26-year-old.

So now, I’m wondering. Since I’m almost 60, have been vegetarian for 41 years, vegan for 40, what must my biological age be? Maybe 19? Actually, I feel better now than I did when I was 19. I was a super fit 19-year-old, turning 20 somewhere in California, backpacking the length of the state on the Pacific Crest Trail. I am more fit now and feel so much better than I did at 19. For instance, three months ago I rode the highest lift-served downhill mountain bike trail on Whistler Mountain, British Columbia. The trail’s name is, “Top of the World,” and starts at the very top of the mountain. Definitely, the rockiest, steepest bit of riding I’ve ever done. Very few people ride this trail.

Last month, I rode my bicycle 201 miles in just under 17 hours. That is, by far, the longest I’ve ever ridden. I couldn’t do that when I was 19! I’m not recommending you ride like that— it  hurts your butt. I’m not advocating my liquid diet for anyone else either. I AM hoping you get to experience aging in reverse.

This month, I rode several trails in Moab, Utah. These trails were a lot rockier and rougher than I expected. My riding partner on this trip was 21 years younger than me. We did a shuttle run to the top of a trail called “The Whole Enchilada.” I took a very hard trip over the handlebars. This type of fall is known as an Endo. I slammed really hard onto rock, severely bruising both my thighs, and causing my left elbow quite a bit of trauma as well. I can’t say I got up immediately, but when I did, I remounted and finished the ride. We had several hours left to go. I was in quite a bit of pain the rest of the ride. Most 60-year-olds would not have been on that trail in the first place. They certainly would not have gotten up from a fall like that and been able to continue. The benefits of reversing your age go way beyond just feeling better and looking younger. You can keep bouncing back from injury the way you did when you were younger.

I hope to communicate to you the joy that reversing your age brings. I hope to help you understand just how insidious many of the foods people enjoy every day are to your health. I hope to inspire you to make these changes yourself. It can be hard, but it need not be. Just take it easy on yourself, enjoy the process, and relax. We must strike a balance between pushing ourselves to the next level, and enjoying the level we are on. We must be gentle, yet keep striving to be better. This is not about longevity for me, I will say again. The feeling of being in a youthful body that will support anything you want to do, defies description. Getting rid of the bad food is essential to get you there. You may do it quickly or it may be a process. Relax into it, in whatever form it takes.

You could say that age reversal is a three-stage process whereby you first slow aging down by eating less of the foods that cause aging and supplementing some nutrients you may not be getting enough of. Stopping the aging process may be the next step. You will attain this step when you stop these foods completely. Remember these foods are meat, fish, dairy, eggs, wheat, and soy. The other part of reaching this step is eating a lot more of the foods that build your health. These include vegetables, fruit, beans, nuts, seeds, seaweed, onions, mushrooms, and lots of salad. When you have sufficiently cleansed the toxins you already have from the body, age reversal can truly start. I hope to teach you how to do this.

Think of yourself in transition. This transition can be as quick or as slow as you desire. Your addictions will conspire to keep you where you are. Don’t let them. Once you understand why you are addicted, and have started to wriggle out from under addiction’s grasp, you will start to accelerate in the process. To start your transition, I recommend learning a new way to breathe which will connect you to your unlimited nature and loosen addictions hold on you.

Breathing is very important because oxygen is what we live on. You can go for weeks or months without food and days or weeks without water. Without oxygen, unless you are an advanced yogi or seasoned free diver, you will die within 3 to 5 minutes. Also in the air is prana or chi. Prana is the life force energy that is all around us. As we breathe it in, this life force gives us life. Most people do not breathe very well. They breathe shallowly and quickly. The average person breathes upwards of 20 times a minute. Some advanced yogis breathe once or twice a minute, yet get more oxygen and life force than the average person. How?

Actually, it’s all in the exhale. Our lungs have four lobes, or chambers; two upper, and two lower. Most people don’t really engage the lower lobes because they breathe with the chest only. Observe your breathing right now. Your chest is probably rising and falling at least a little. What we want to do is bring  the breath deeper into the body. We want to engage the lower lobes. Watch a baby breathe. The chest stays still. The belly expands and contracts. This is what we want to achieve. We want to reconnect with the natural way to breathe.

So here it is. Exhale all the way out; contract the abdomen. Pull the belly button in as far as you can. Deflate the balloon as it were. Push the breath out forcefully yet gently. You can always exhale more. As you get to the bottom of the exhale, experiment with blowing out even more. Use your abdominal muscles to draw the belly in as you would if you were having your picture taken or met a hot member of the opposite sex. (Or the same sex—gotta be politically correct) This also massages the abdominal organs, stimulating movement in the lower GI tract. It’s even a light ab workout.

Here is a good trick to know when you leave a building that has toxins from new carpet, paint, or cigarette smoke. When you get outside exhale completely and then force the breath out with several short further exhalations, making a sound like huh, huh, huh. If you’ve been in a smoky environment, you might even see smoke come out your mouth. We hear about how we should be breathing from our diaphragms. Many yoga teachers and sports coaches talk about this—bringing the breath deeper into the body for more complete oxygenation. The diaphragm however, is an involuntary muscle, so it’s hard to connect with it. It’s hard to visualize what this muscle is doing. The breathing technique I’m sharing with you connects you with the diaphragm. The diaphragm has no nerve endings, and so cannot be felt. When you use this abdominal breath technique, you are engaging the diaphragm.

When you exhale, you release tension throughout your whole body. When you inhale, tension increases. The good news is we don’t really have to inhale. All we have to do is allow the new breath. We are “negative pressure” breathers, which means when you exhale a vacuum is created in your lungs. Air will always rush in to fill a vacuum if it can. This is why you can’t kill yourself by holding your breath. You will just pass out and start breathing again. So on the inhale expand the abdomen, making the Buddha belly. Inflating the balloon.

If you practice sucking the belly in on the exhale and pushing it out on the inhale, this will soon become your natural way of breathing. What this will mean is that you are getting more oxygen into the body with every breath. This will also slow down the rate of respiration. You will be breathing less times a minute. This slower, longer rate of respiration slows down the heart. Breath drives the heart, not vice versa. Since the heart only gets to rest between beats even when you’re asleep, this is very significant. Giving the heart some rest is definitely a good thing.

Breathing this way makes you calm and peaceful; the opposite way that people breathe when they feel nervous, angry, or agitated. When you are mad, you breathe shallowly and quickly. Funny how in the English language mad can also mean insane. Instead of getting angry, if you remember to breathe, you may not have to go temporarily insane. As Eckhart Tolle says in his excellent book “A New Earth,” “it’s never about what happens.” Meaning¼we don’t have to be controlled by circumstance. We don’t have to be the victim of what happens.

Many people are drawn to the idea of meditation. They may try it without much success, even if someone instructs them on how to do it. Meditation has all sorts of health benefits, from lowering blood pressure to calming brain waves and heart rhythm. Meditation has even been shown to enhance immune system function. Meditation is a state of non-thinking. It’s been said, “Meditation is not what you think.” To sit or lay down and not think is extremely hard for most of us. If you sit quietly and do this abdominal breathing technique for a few minutes, you will almost be there. Then all you have to do is put the focus at the third eye; the point between your eyebrows, and watch the movie. Make sure you do not clench your jaw. If you watch long enough you’ll get a blank screen, with perhaps a point of light or several points of light on it. Keep breathing and watch that point of light. See what happens.

Breathing this way also connects you to your heart center— your intuitive center. Most of us live in our heads. When you are guided only by the brain, you are easily confused. You could say the heart, the intuitive voice within, is the voice of God. The heart is never confused or undecided. Tune into its guidance through this breath technique. The heart is completely free of addictions. The more you connect with it, the less old thought forms will sway you.

I’m not implying that you have to meditate in order to age in reverse. Meditation is an excellent tool to help you gain  control of yourself. The Masters tell us God is within us. All  we need to do is open ourselves to the light and the darkness vanishes.There may seem to be a lot of darkness around now in the form of fear, but the light is much more powerful. Connect with your unlimited soul in any way that works for you. I like to connect with mine by bouncing down the side of a mountain on my bicycle.

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