Fish–Food For Fools

Fish–Food For Fools

Fish oil has many health benefits, nothing like the very unhealthy fat in meat and dairy. You can readily see how fish oil has no artery clogging cholesterol and other fats so well represented in other animal “foods”. Handle fish and then rinse your hands off—no greasy feel remains. After handling meat or dairy, the gooey residue can only be washed off with soap and hot water. This shows how fish oil is more closely akin to vegetable oil than animal fat. It does contain toxins–though most toxins tend to stay in the meat.

One problem with fish consumption is that it is too rich in protein. This causes many of our modern health issues–like osteoporosis, discussed in my other blogs and in my book: The Neverending Buzz. No fish samples can be found nowadays, even in Antarctica, that aren’t laced with high concentrations of the entire spectrum of industrial pollutants, like cadmium, lead, PCB and dioxin , just to name a few. This is well established knowledge these days.

What is not widely appreciated is the huge plastic burden all fish now carry. Plastics never break down in the environment–they only form smaller particles. Ingestion of plastic in particle form or consumed in larger pieces is killing marine life in staggering numbers. Much of the ocean water tested contains more plastic particles than plankton–the base of the marine food chain.

Like all pollutants animals and fish ingest, this plastic residue becomes more and more concentrated as animals age. Fish eat other fish, consuming and concentrating their toxins. Larger fish pack a staggering amount of toxins, their bodies have no adaptation for getting rid of. Our bodies have none either, so we concentrate huge amounts of toxins, which we continue to collect and be poisoned by.

It’s been said that you could drink water from the Great Lakes and not get the concentration of toxins you would get by eating one pound of fish from these lakes. The larger and older the fish, the more toxins it contains. We must get to the bottom of the food chain as soon as possible!!

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