Don’t let life pass you by!

Don’t let life pass you by!

healthy eatingYou can get better with each passing day. You can reverse the damage you have done inadvertently. You can experience peace and tranquility such as you have never imagined. Your skin will become beautiful, soft, and radiant. Your spiritual centers will open up, revealing untapped potential in every area of your life. You can be sexier than you’ve ever been- even in your youth. You can be more productive at work, and able to retire earlier and in awesome health. Getting rid of the irritants in your diet will dramatically enhance your creativity. Maybe, most importantly, you will become a vector for positive change in this world.

Give cleaning up your diet a good honest try. If you fail, start again. As Yoda said in Star Wars “Do. Or, do not; there is no try.” You have nothing to lose but years of accumulated sludge and toxins, as well as your anger. If we stop eating purely for entertainment, we can have a Buzz that lasts. We can get high and stay high. We can experience life’s ups, without the effects of its downs. Rather than eating for temporary sense gratification and boredom relief, we can eat to experience the real bliss. We can attain a state of health unimaginable to most people. Even now, hearing about this, you cannot imagine this state. You have no point of reference. A state of health unsullied by toxic irritants is something you have never experienced—even as a child.

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