Cows Don’t Give Milk

Newsflash! Cows (and goats) don’t give milk–we steal it. Cows don’t give meat either. Dairy cows have it much worse than beef cows–they have to endure their torturous existence for years instead of the months beef cows have to suffer. The movie “Food Inc” elucidates for us many more reasons not to consume another animal’s milk. Cow’s milk is highly mucous producing, and contains pus and contagions.

Mucous–more rightly called phlegm or catarrh…or even snot, is the stuff that comes out when you have a cold. This crap builds up throughout our bodies (if we’re uninformed enough to consume dairy and eggs), and forms the perfect breeding ground for pathogens of all kinds to grow and proliferate. When you spit or blow it out your nose, that is coming primarily out of your lungs. You would drown on this stuff if you didn’t get a cold when it builds up. A cold is actually a cleanse. The worst thing to do when you have one is to try to stop the flow. Be grateful your body has this escape mechanism!

People who have been vegan for a while almost never get colds. We don’t need them! We can be around sick people and not get sick. How? Our bodies aren’t full of crap that needs to be cleaned out AND our immune systems are working unimpeded by the antinutrients in animal “foods”. Dairy products are a very common allergen. Other common ones include soy, peanuts, corn and wheat. These allergens that most of us are not allergic to cause sub-clinical reactions. In other words, though you are not feeling allergic to these–they are causing harm to your immune system. All sub-clinical allergens compromise the immune system, but none as much as dairy.

I’ve seen people with multiple allergies cured of all of them simply by quitting dairy. Some were quite severe. I pose the question in my book: The Neverending Buzz, the question “whose idea was this–to consume another animal’s milk?” No other animal consumes even it’s own milk after weaning. If there’s one food that is totally foreign to our bodies it’s dairy. don’t take my word for it! Try what getting completely rid of the insidious menace to health and longevity does for your health and well being!

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