Compassion is Only the Beginning

Compassion is Only the Beginning

The Neverending Buzz - Book-CoverSince spending some time on Facebook (until recently I didn’t do social media), I’ve realized that there are many people now who feel their heart’s call for a more aware and awake approach to eating and living. When I went vegan over 40 years ago, there was no such massive awakening going on. Well, I guess it had started, but was far from as widely experienced as it is now. People are waking up at an ever accelerating rate! We are feeling as a species that trashing the ecosystem while enslaving and decimating our fellow creatures is not something we want to keep doing.

The movie Cowspiracy ¬†shows how animal agriculture accounts for 51% of greenhouse gas emissions, while transportation, which includes everything from cars to planes to shipping only accounts for 13%. When animals are killed, they’re killed on an assembly (or in this case dis-assembly) line. Imagine the terror they feel as they wait their turn, sensing the pain and shock of the animal before them. Their meat is shot full of adrenaline and fear vibration at the time of such a gristly end. When we foolishly eat their meat we inherit their fear—-no wonder people are so afraid these days! When we are afraid we can be manipulated. We also buy into this horrible and extremely cruel system we call agriculture.

I was drawn to stopping eating dead flesh and cow goo due to their negative health consequences. Only later did I come to appreciate the environmental downside, as well as the cruelty factor. When I stopped eating meat, I felt a dramatic difference in my energy level and mental clarity. Many of us still cannot identify with the suffering of our fellow creatures. The environmental aspect doesn’t really register either. What may matter to them is that consuming animal “foods” is ageing them at an accelerated rate and predisposing them to disease and early decline. If they only knew that by not eating this crap they could actually age in reverse!! Ageing in reverse is what my book The Neverending Buzz is about. At you can read the introduction free.

If we concerned citizens of the planet want to help change the mass consciousness and save the animals and ourselves from suffering and cruelty, we would do well to be examples of this reversing of the aging process. The more you improve your own health, the more you influence those around you, and indeed those you will never meet! That’s why I have chapters on the downside of wheat and soy consumption. We must keep expanding our awareness—if we do it, everyone else will too. We influence each other to a degree most people don’t fully appreciate. The more you get, the more you give. If we’re going to stop the suffering of animals by showing what happens when we cease to consume them, the entire ecosystem and indeed our whole existence will change for the better………and not a moment too soon! Slash your cancer and heart disease risk at the same time you save the ecosystem and innocent animal lives—as well as your own. See what your life can be when you stop eating death!

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