All Meat is Created Equal

All  Meat is Created Equal

The World Health Organization (WHO), a group not known for it’s progressive views, has finally come out and said that red and processed meats cause cancer. ¬†What they and others who have recognized this truth are missing is the fact that chicken contributes just as much to your cancer risk as red meat. It contains a similar hetrocyclic amine (HCA) load as beef or pork. If it is grilled or otherwise cooked at high temperatures it will also contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons—another potent carcinogen.

Though chicken doesn’t insult your body with n-nitroso compounds from the heme iron found in red meat, to think you are eating healthier because you only eat chicken and fish is self delusion. Dr. Joel Fuhrman, of public television fame states that you could drink the polluted water of the Great Lakes for instance, and not receive the concentration of toxins you would get from eating one pound of fish from these lakes!!

Try stopping eating ALL dead flesh and see how you feel. Give it six months or so and you will be convinced! The more active you are the quicker you will feel results in the form of ¬†greater energy and endurance—not to mention a calm, peaceful feeling someone who consumes the caustic irritants so well represented in meats of all kinds can never know!

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