Book Cover - The Neverending Buzz

Do you want more…of everything? 

This book invites you to have more by aging in reverse to become fitter, healthier and more alive than you were in your youth! Advancing years do not have to signify a decrease in quality of life.  Find out why our physical and mental faculties degrade as we age and how you can reverse the trend to get more out of every day. You can make little changes to improve your physical performance and mental acuity. Learn about the substances that accelerate your body’s decline and hasten the aging process.  This book introduces you to information, supplements and techniques to help turn back the biological clock to feel better than you have ever felt.  Life really is more fun when your body feels good.  Find your more…more fun…more health…more youth…more sex.  Retire early and live every moment to its fullest. Read this book to start your journey to the Neverending Buzz!

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